Here, you can find a selection of the customers we already work closely alongside.

Mobile Banking

Providing every Bank’s needs for Customers to make transaction on Mobile Banking applications that convenient, safe, and fastest in the new digital era.

Internet Banking

One of the needs of every Bank for Customers to conduct financial or non-financial transactions online through the Web, it is not only convenient but also a safe banking method.

Internet Banking Corporate

To help improve the quality of the Bank’s services in providing the needs of the Customer’s Company in conducting online financial transactions via Internet, safe and trusted.

Customer on Boarding

Facilitating the Bank to provide Out of Branch Services for New Customers who wish to open Time Deposits and Loans.

Bank Agent (Laku Pandai)

Application that can help the Bank to reach People who have never done Banking Transactions and Support the Government program “Laku Pandai”.

Online on Boarding

One of the features that is needed and can be done anywhere, anytime, by relying on the Internet on a Mobile Device to open a New Account without having to come to the Bank.

Open Banking API

Solutions for Bank’s needs in providing integrated transaction facilities to Corporate Customers (e-Commerce, Companies, etc) so that they can connect fastest, easily, and secured through the Open Banking API system.